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Public participation on the zone plan "Weiher"
On 1 February 2021, the public consultation on the Weiher zone plan began. For about 3 weeks, the people of Weggis were able to submit suggestions to the municipal council, which were then examined. The partial modification makes it possible for all businesses in Weiher to further develop their individual operations.

Bote der Urschweiz: Weggis residents approve rezoning from 14.06.2021
Thermoplan: Press release on the vote from 13.06.2021
Luzerner Zeitung: contribution to the vote from 13.06.2021
Official press release community of Weggis from 29.01.2021
Planning report of the partial modification of the zone plan and BZR Weiher
Explanatory report of the municipal council on the partial modification of the zone plan Weiher and the building and zoning regulations Weiher

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