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The chances of new technologies

Digital Building

We are exploring new paths with unique. The planning of the new building is comprehensively digital. We use the opportunities and possibilities of new technologies. In doing so, we are also entering new territory in order to plan smarter, build more efficiently and operate our buildings more sustainably.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) in a nutshell

BIM is a digital way to realise large construction projects on time and on budget. We bundle the data, the team communication and the model in a real-time working environment. Communication breaks are minimised in common planning workflows. Better availability of data provides transparency and connectivity for all parties involved in the construction project. Time schedules, costs and risks can be identified more easily, earlier and more precisely, and can be controlled seamlessly.

Thermoplan von aussen

BIM involves not only processing the rooms in 3D on the computer, but also equipping these digital building models with facility technology. Sockets or lamps not only have a geometry (shape) in the model, but also provide additional information that supports the planning, realisation and later operation. Thus, a digital model is already realised in the planning stage, a twin of what is subsequently to be built.

BIM makes it possible! The following short clip provides a first insight into the digital twin of the plant 5. Click here for the short clip "BIM - Planning 4.0".

With regard to realisation and the aspects of quality, time and costs, important relationships can be illustrated at a very early stage of construction thanks to BIM. For example, collisions of building service pipes can be avoided or the dimensions of access can be realistically determined at an early stage. This method makes the entire project more transparent and tangible for all participants. BIM and the model in the cloud open up a variety of other advantages for the interdisciplinary networked teams. For example, upcoming decisions can be visualised in the model and made collectively, meetings take place online and digital communication is possible in real time. Collaboration is efficient and effective.

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