Start the day neo. It will be special.

Your business
When a guest’s stay starts and ends with a cup of coffee, Black&White4 neo will make it a special one. Guests at your hotel will appreciate a great cup of coffee to go with their breakfast buffet to start the day. Whether in the coffee corner of a lounge or as a service that you provide on every floor, coffee lovers can serve themselves on this intuitive machine. Event, seminar, and workshop participants can meet by a neo machine during breaks and get back to work full of energy. Whether it’s for a B&B or a grand hotel, neo doesn’t mind. Your neo will adapt to you, not the other way round.

Easy and intuitive to use, neo is made for self-service. Peaks at mealtimes or events are no problem for this machine, which consistently provides top-quality products. Shift workers and part-time employees will love neo thanks to its simplicity, ease in cleaning and ease of use.


Your customers
Make your guests’ stay extra special, whether they’re on holiday or a business trip or just passing through. They can start the day with a cappuccino and finish it with an espresso. Your guests deserve top quality with maximum simplicity: neo guarantees both and helps them find the beverage they’re looking for with its attractive 10-inch display. It is extremely safe to use and lets you know if the cup is not positioned correctly under the spout. Have a quick espresso between arrival and check-in. Enjoy a creamy latte macchiato for breakfast. Relish an intense cappuccino with milk foam like no other in the lobby during a meeting with a business partner. Your guests will appreciate the top quality provided by a premium appliance.


Your neo
You can use the neo in your business with a conventional 230-volt electricity supply without having to adapt the existing infrastructure. No need for a technician; simply set it up and enjoy your coffee! Your machine is a piece of Swiss craftsmanship that can be placed anywhere thanks to its external or built-in 4-litre water tank and waste water connection. Whether in the hotel corridor, the lobby, or the buffet, it is the perfect mobile solution. Wherever you set it up, the neo is easy to use thanks to the guided user interface. Flexible configuration options mean that all of your guests’ needs are covered from hot or cold coffee and milk specialities to foamed, alternative milk varieties or a powder option. It is extremely easy to maintain, and sophisticated ISQ technology guarantees consistent quality cup after cup. The neo is equipped with intelligent digital solutions. In large hotels and chains, it is possible to monitor several machines and analyse relevant data tailored to your interests. This provides you with an overview of which beverages are most popular at what times, when peaks occur and when is the best time to clean the machine and replenish the coffee beans. The large display can be customised with notices, event calendars, menus, or even adverts for excursions or popular destinations. Alternatively, you can greet your guests with your own advertisement or company logo. Thermoplan IoT solutions can be tailored to your needs, and the options are practically endless.

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