Intuitive and highest quality. neo keeps it reliable.

Your business
Turn up, order, eat, and go. In the day-to-day running of a fast food restaurant, things need to move quickly and smoothly. All processes are finely attuned and defined and a large number of customers are served in a very short time, so every action counts. Your customers are hungry and appreciate an easy ordering process. For this reason, the coffee machine too must be simple and easy to use – both for customers and staff, whether trained or complete beginners. Everything about this coffee machine is intuitive – even the cleaning – and step-by-step instructions make it quick too. The Thermoplan telemetry system ThermoplanConnect is a digital solution that guarantees a live overview of all appliances in your machine fleet, comprehensive statistics on the most popular drinks, peak times and maintenance provisions, and other analyses. Thanks to IoT, you can optimise the use of your coffee machine. 
Reliability is key in your business, and neo offers you top quality cup after cup after cup. Thanks to Thermoplan’s innovative technology, the espresso first thing in the morning tastes exactly the same late in the evening. That’s something that you can rely on.


Your customers
Fast, safe, and easy to use – find the coffee speciality you’re looking for at a glance. Your customers and employees rely on maximum convenience in the hectic everyday catering environment. Your guests are curious and like to work their way through trends in the coffee world such as alternative, plant-based milk varieties. The neo reliably meets individual requirements such as decaffeinated beverages and specialities with (chocolate) powder or foamed milk powder. Premium milk foam from a fully automatic coffee machine made in Switzerland which is extremely easy to use is a delight. Your team will love the machine for its intuitive controls and maximum safety standards. You don’t need to keep an eye on the fill levels on neo, and the machine will even let your guests and employees know if the cup is positioned incorrectly under the spout. It couldn’t be clearer. 

Your neo
Not only does neo reliably provide a wide range of top-quality beverages with excellent milk foam, but neo is also yours and yours alone. Virtually silent, business will not be disturbed by loud, grinding noises. Thanks to the Thermoplan Clip&Click system, downtime is reduced to a minimum and everyday business won’t be interrupted by time-consuming maintenance tasks. The brewing chamber can be removed in a single step and cleaned in the dishwasher – it couldn’t be faster or easier. The user interface of the large machine display can be customised for different areas of use and gives your guests additional touch points. neo is functional, makes efficient use of resources, and focuses on what really matters. It is there for you ‘round the clock. 

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