Self Serve options

for Black&White4 und Black&White4 compact

New options for more comfort and safety in the self-service area

The two Thermoplan fully automatic coffee machines Black&White4 and Black&White4 compact can now be equipped with various options that are perfectly suited to the self-service area. These options increase the comfort and safety for guests and operators at the machine. The features can be specified flexibly when configuring the machine and can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

Automatic outlet

The machine can now be equipped with an automatic outlet when configuring the coffee machine. The automatic outlet can cover a height of 96-192mm.

Cup detection

The system recognises different materials, dark, coloured, and light cups and also evaluates correct distances for transparent cups. Different cup sizes can be pre-set on the machine. Cup detection recognises them reliably. This integrated collision control prevents the cup and the outlet from colliding. Bring your own cup: The customer can also effortlessly select their products with their own cup.

Single outlet

All coffee machines in the Black&White4 and Black&White4 compact product lines can be operated with either a double or single outlet.

Bean detection

The sensor technology of the optional bean detection system reports a low residual amount of beans in the bean container. This prevents a beverage from being produced with an insufficient amount of ground coffee.

Black&White4c Abschliessbar

Black&White4c Einzelauslauf 

Grounds chute

The fully automatic coffee machine can now be equipped with a grounds chute in the machine configuration for even greater independence in the Self Serve area. The grounds chute completely eliminates the need to empty the grounds container during the day.

Wastewater level monitoring

The monitoring of the wastewater tank prevents overflowing and indicates a high fill level in sufficient time.

Lockable options

The touchless function allows coffee to be dispensed without having one touch. All you have to do is place the cup under the outlet. By scanning the QR code, the desired beverage is ordered – without any additional programmes or downloads.


The Touchless function allows coffee to be dispensed without touching the machine. All that is required is to place the cup under the outlet. By scanning the QR code, the desired beverage is ordered - without any additional programs or downloads.

ThermoplanConnect – Message Center

The Message Centre supports smooth self-service operation: if a problem occurs or beans or milk need to be refilled, the owner is informed in sufficient time. This way, the machine remains in operation as long as possible, and guests can enjoy their coffee even longer. The management of the machine also saves time. Remote updates are also possible, e.g., to install updates.

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