June 08, 2016

And the winner is: Thermoplan!

«I dedicate this prestigious award to the Thermoplan-Team. It is a well-deserved honour for my colleagues, who have worked hard for it», so Adrian Steiner in his acceptance speech.

Thermoplan has always been strongly rooted in Central Switzerland and is well-known for its strong team spirit and successful team play. Founded in 1974 by Domenic and Esther Steiner, Thermoplan is also identified as «hidden champion» in the coffee industry and has been established as an important and international meaningful Swiss-made company.

With the company’s values flexibility, simplicity and enthusiasm strong in mind, the Thermoplan-Team develops and assembles coffee machines of the highest quality at the headquarters in Weggis and sells them all over the world. Quality that inspires!

Also the committee of experts was highly enthused by Thermoplan AG. The continuous growth, a remarkable customer portfolio and a broad network of international relationships have been built up by the Thermoplan-Team within the last decades. Surprisingly, all the successes have been achieved out of Weggis, an idyllic tourist spot in Central Switzerland. Well-known as a holiday destination located right at the Lake Lucerne, Weggis offers among others with the resident company Thermoplan AG excellent job opportunities for more than 250 employees.

We are all winners
All nominated companies deserve a great recognition for their outstanding achievements. The finalists convince with innovative business strategies and their contribution to the creation and maintenance of the industrial site Switzerland. In addition to that, highly qualified employees enable the great success of all companies.

Thermoplan would like to say «thank you» to the Swiss Venture Club for this unique award and for the thrill up to the last minute.

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