November 30, 2017

Congratulations Unitex Ltd.

The jubilee celebration, which was hosted by Igor Petruhin, owner and managing director of Unitex Ltd. left nothing to be desired. Accompanied by professional moderators from the local television and a live band from Moscow, the invited guests enjoyed dianties in a very festive ambiente. With dedication and passion, Igor Petruhin let us experience a journey through the history of Unitex Ltd.

The cooperation between Thermoplan AG and Unitex Ltd. started with the foundation of the Russian company. As a sign of the excellent partnership between the two companies, Thermoplan was allowed to accept a congratulation present. The sculpture with the words «united we stand» is regarded as a special expression of a trusting partnership. Adrian Steiner, CEO of Thermoplan AG received with pride this peculiarity and thanked Igor Petruhin cordially.

It is a special honour for Thermoplan AG to be able to continue this partnership successfully. We congratulate Unitex Ltd. cordially for the past 10 years and we are joyfully looking forward to a favorable and amicable future.

Congratulations Unitex Ltd.  - 1 Congratulations Unitex Ltd.  - 1 Congratulations Unitex Ltd.  - 1
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