January 23, 2017

«Most dedicated» Jascaffe awarded Thermoplan

Jascaffe China is a well-known enterprise in China and throughout Asia in the business areas of coffee machines and coffee beans. Both companies, Jascaffe and Thermoplan, are extremely proud to run a successful partnership and intensive cooperation since 15 years.

The Jascaffe New Year event was held in Shanghai on 13th of January, 2017. Mr Jason Wang, President of Jascaffe China Co., Ltd welcomed both, Chinese and European partners, which won an honorary award during the supplier meeting.

We gladly accepted the Excellent Supplier Award 2016 «most dedicated» given by Mr Jason Wang, President of Jascaffe China Co., Ltd. Thermoplan cordially thanks Jascaffe China for this honourable award and is looking forward to a continuing successful cooperation.

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