April 17, 2020

Our new shuttle warehouse and crisis management in the times of Corona

Our shuttle warehouse is officially in operation
As planned, the new shuttle warehouse of Thermoplan was put into operation on 24 February 2020. Although the current circumstances were not favourable and things went bit differently than planned, the changeover worked very well.

On time, according to schedule, the commissioning of the new infrastructure took place. Since the training was not yet complete, shortly before the start there was still some nervousness – completely unfounded – as it turned out later. The changeover of the employees was not as big as initially thought and to everyone’s delight the new processes worked perfectly. The situation with the coronavirus forced Thermoplan to switch to VPN support (technical support via online access) earlier than planned, as the project partners from Austria and Spain were no longer allowed to enter Switzerland to support on site.

Internal measurements
It was not only the commissioning of the shuttle warehouse that was affected by the coronavirus. This extraordinary situation has led to adjustments throughout the company. For example, the canteen has switched from self-service to plate service within a very short time and the number of seats has been reduced in such a way that the requirements of the BAG (Swiss Federal Office for Public Health) can be followed. In order to ensure the given distances not only during the meal, but also during the entire working day, a wide-ranging home office organisation as well as protective measurements in the production plants were introduced. Those employees who belong to a risk group were sent to the home office or to self-quarantine at a very early stage.

Swiss television SRF has documented how Thermoplan operates in this challenging time in order to be able to maintain the operations and to emerge stronger from the crisis. A team has accompanied Thermoplan in recent weeks and is showing this in a special programme, «DOK – Switzerland under the spell of Covid-19» on Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 08:05 PM on SRF1.

SRF1 TV-Programm (available in German only)

Our new shuttle warehouse and crisis management in the times of Corona - 1 Our new shuttle warehouse and crisis management in the times of Corona - 1
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