We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and to fair dealings with our partners.

The pre-assembly team

Sustainability starts with our employees.

The basis of the sustainability strategy are our employees, which is why we ensure a healthy and safe working environment. However, there can be challenging situations in life. To support our employees in such circumstances, Thermoplan internally creates an offer that is adapted to the needs of employees facing challenging situations.

The pre-assembly team dedicates itself to selected tasks within the value chain that allow time flexibility and are adaptable in terms of complexity. In doing so, tasks from the task pool are assigned in a resource-oriented manner and carried out independently by the team members, whereby the organization is carried out by the team management.

As a regionally rooted employer, we are aware of Thermoplan's social responsibility, and we want to make our contribution. Accordingly, we also give applicants the opportunity to benefit from positions in the pre-assembly team.

In practice

  • Activities tailored to the abilities of the employee without pressure to perform
  • Versatile activities tailored to the individual
  • Optimal recovery process through close supervision and regular status discussions

Facts & figures

  • Production of small assemblies
  • Production of assemblies for the warehouse as a sole activity
  • Greater flexibility in the team

Ongoing projects

  • Finding the optimal workplace equipment

Sustainable staff restaurant

Pre-assembly team at Thermoplan

Sustainable staff restaurant

Lunch@Thermoplan – regional & tasty.
More enjoyment on the plates, less waste in the rubbish.

Nothing is more sustainable than satisfied and healthy employees. That is why Roland and his team pay attention to seasonal and regional ingredients in our canteen. To make sure that only what Thermoplan employees like and actually eat ends up on their plates, they can now scoop their own meals again, which reduces waste.

In practice

  • Meat products from Heinzer Metzgerei in Muotathal
  • Mundo AG with a sophisticated tour concept for deliveries
  • Fish from regional lakes from the fishery Hofer from Meggen
  • Turkeys from Martin Muheim from Greppen

Facts & figures

  • Seasonal & regional ingredients
  • Local suppliers
  • Scoop your own for less waste



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