Pre-assembly team

Support in challenging life situations

Life sometimes holds challenges for us that change our life situation considerably, either temporarily or in the long term. We want to overcome these together!

Our employees form the basis of the People pillar defined in the sustainability strategy. They are extremely important to us, which is why we ensure a healthy and safe working environment.

However, there are times when people are challenged to meet the demands of others and of themselves. In order to support our employees in this situation, Thermoplan has created an internal offer that is adapted to the needs of employees in demanding situations.

The pre-assembly team is dedicated to selected tasks within the value chain that allow time flexibility and are adaptable in terms of complexity. Tasks from the task pool are assigned on a resource-oriented basis and carried out independently by the team members, with the work being organised by the team management.

Pre-assembly team at Thermoplan

As a regionally anchored employer, we are aware of Thermoplan's social responsibility and would like to make our contribution. Accordingly, we also offer applicants the opportunity to benefit from our offer in the pre-assembly team.

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