September 20, 2019

Winner of the IHZ Innovation Award 2019

«An exceptional performance in the development and implementation of an innovative and technology-oriented coffee machine platform.»

With the development of the latest generation of the Starbucks coffee machine Mastrena II, Thermoplan AG is once again winning the Central Swiss Innovation Award of the IHZ (Central Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

The customer development project Enterprise (the initial internal project name) is not a spaceship, but the most innovative coffee machine platform of today. And this for the future of two companies. With the Mastrena II, Thermoplan offers several ten thousand coffee shops worldwide a technologically advanced and trend-setting platform.

The 20-year collaboration with Starbucks as an exclusive global supplier is based on mutual trust, valuable partnership and knowledge transfer at expert level. With innovative entrepreneurship, Thermoplan AG succeeds in developing appropriate strategies in collaboration with the US enterprise and implementing them in line with the market.

After 2004, the IHZ Innovation Award goes to Thermoplan AG for the second time. «We are extremely proud to receive this Innovation Award again. This is a sign that we are on the right track with our business strategy», says Adrian Steiner (CEO. Thermoplan AG).

What was the decisive factor in winning the Innovation Award? Find out the answer of the jury president Mr Hans Wicky in the official press release of the Central Swiss Chamber of Commere and Industry.

Official press release IHZ (available in German only)

Website IHZ (available in German only)

Press release Bote (available in German only)

Article Luzerner Zeitung (available in German only)

Winner of the IHZ Innovation Award 2019 - 1 Winner of the IHZ Innovation Award 2019 - 1 Winner of the IHZ Innovation Award 2019 - 1
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