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Telemetry System | ThermoplanConnect «clever connected»
Our new telemetry system keeps you informed at all times about the performance of your Thermoplan fully automatic coffee machine. With ThermoplanConnect your machine communicates with you and vice versa. 

ThermoplanConnect offers you with a simple mouse click an individually combinable dashboard with numerous widgets, detailed analyses in tables and graphs as well as a remote update of the software and – starting with the Generation Black&White4 – even on the coffee machine via the software. In addition: 

ThermoplanConnect offers you real added value:

Informative analyses

  • General sales overview, recognize peak sales times
  • Predict trends
  • Assess seasonal and sales offers

Simple quick overview

  • Monitor and steer consumption and dispensing of product
  • Marketing tracking, push notifications, etc.

Optimized resource planning

  • Effective planning of service activities
  • Transparent cost management

Streamlined supply chain

  • Orders, delivery and storage are adjusted to the expected needs


With the Black&White4 product line ThermoplanConnect will also be able to access the hardware of the machine. This allows, for example, recipe adjustments or corrections to the grinder via a cloud solution – on individual machines or a whole fleet – irrespective of location and decentralized.

Web-App | «Touchless» Ordering 
The new digital feature «touchless ordering» for the 4th Generation of Black&White coffee machines from Thermoplan AG enables touchless product ordering via Smartphone. Only the cup is placed under the machine outlet and the rest is controlled via the web application.

Safe coffee enjoyment

  • No need to touch the coffee machine display
  • Hygiene rules are optimally observed
  • Simple and intuitive use
  • No additional smartphone programme necessary thanks to web application
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