Innovative Technologies

from procurement to production

Where technology and craftsmanship meet. Our procurement and manufacturing process is automated. We live industry 4.0.

Go live! The fully automated warehouse at the heatquarters in Weggis has been in operation since the beginning of 2020. The direct link to production enables automatic delivery of all machine components directly to the workstations. Process reliability and material leadtime are optimised.

Shuttlewarehouse, Thermoplan AG Weggis

Transport roboter "Stingray" in the lane

Fit for the future
9 km automated conveyor system within the warehouse, 1 km in operation. The 94 "Stingrays" work in parallel on 23 levels and around 40,500 material storage locations.

The photovoltaic system on the warehouse roof generates the electricity for the operation of the system.

We are preparing for the future with digitalisation - increasing delivery performance, reducing throughput times, increasing process reliability, capacity expansion and investment in Switzerland as an industrial location.

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