Thermoplan international

From Switzerland into the entire world

Thermoplan International

Locally embedded, globally active: In addition to a global dealer network Thermoplan has subsidiaries in Germany and in the U.S. This provides our partners and customers around the globe with professional support for long-term success.

Thermoplan Deutschland GmbH & Austria
Germany is a central market with prominent significance. In 1998, Thermoplan Deutschland GmbH was founded in order to increase distribution and services in this core market. The company steers from Hockenheim the distribution and service activities for Germany and the touristic-relevant Alpine republic Austria and takes care of wholesale customers in both countries.

Thermoplan USA
Being present in the USA is very important for Thermoplan strategically as well as operatively. In 2003, Thermoplan USA Corporated was founded as a subsidiary in Reno, Nevada, in order to have professional and competent representation in the growing market of North and South America.

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