May 11, 2023

Efficient power saving thanks to standby function

The topic could not be more relevant. Saving electricity is currently one of the most discussed topics. In order to provide our customers with a simple but efficient solution, we have launched a software update for all our Black&White fully automatic coffee machines. This update sets the machine to standby mode immediately after cleaning in the evening. In this way, the conflicting goals of saving electricity and availability are met. Thanks to the standby mode after cleaning, the customer benefits from unchanged high performance and can save electricity and thus costs.

This innovative function automatically switches off the coffee machine's boiler after cleaning and serves all customers who do their cleaning at the end of the day to save electricity overnight. As a result, the power consumption of a fully automatic coffee machine can be reduced by around 20% compared with 24-hour operation.

In the future, this solution will not only exist for customers who complete their cleaning in the evening and do not purchase any more products afterwards. Already in development is a smart standby function, which activates and deactivates the standby mode during the day in a sensible manner. Stay tuned!

Efficient power saving thanks to standby function - 1
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