Advantages of ThermoplanConnect

Advantages of ThermoplanConnect

ThermoplanConnect offers you and your customers countless advantages. Thanks to remote management, you can upload new recipes to individual machines or an entire fleet from any location. And with the help of screensavers, additional sales can be realised.

Target audiences

Small business

You run a hotel, restaurant, bar, café, business office or catering service, your company only has a few branches or you only have a small number of Thermoplan coffee machines in use:

Maintenance and operation monitoring 
Networked machines with a monitoring function independently provide you with the latest and local information at a central location.

Monitoring of the cleaning and service status
Central monitoring of data ensures compliance with hygiene and quality standards.

Remote consumption monitoring
Data on the current availability of consumption materials enable better planning and serve as a reference point for theft monitoring.

Large enterprises

You work in a company with a large number of Thermoplan coffee machines located across numerous sites:

Performance monitoring of your coffee business
Analyse current and historical sales data to get solid insights into your business.

Two-way information exchange
Identify peak times and target promotional offers to increase sales.

Remote management function
Save time and money by, for example, adjusting software updates, prices and recipes centrally from your desk or any other desired location. 

Identity and access management
Assign user rights and roles to delegate tasks and manage resources.


As a distributor, you use the functions of proprietary and customised analytics to run your coffee business effectively and target your customers precisely:

Empty message
Increase operating times thanks to remote monitoring of fill levels from a central location.

Demand-oriented refilling
Plan re-orders more precisely and optimise your inventory management by viewing the relevant information from one central location.

Remote management function
Save time and money by reducing the need for on-site technicians.



It is becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to network their machines. ThermoplanConnect offers a standard interface that enables connections to other cloud solutions or apps. For example, you can integrate your data into your ERP system.

Advanced analytics

Use data for analysis

Get clear insight across all your coffee machines with key findings:

  • Sales peaks
  • Predict trends
  • Evaluate seasonal offers
  • Equipment condition
  • Cleaning cycles

Remote control of the coffee machine

Manage: Modify data

Control your coffee machine fleet remotely for more agile and cost-efficient operations. 

  • Change drink recipes and prices
  • Publish promotions
  • Install software updates


Secure and forward-looking IoT platform

  • Highest device and platform security (data and communication)
  • Verification mechanism for device security (connection only with specific and identified devices)
  • State-of-the-art and future-proof IoT platform
  • PEN-approved security and architecture extensions
  • Flexible and customisable service extensions
  • Fail-safe and redundancy mechanisms
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