Pitcher Foam

Creates barista feeling on a fully automatic coffee machine

The new function of the BW4 CTMplus covers every coffee wish. From maximum performance with high output to pitcher foam, everything is possible.

The milk wand of the CTMplus is not only capable of dispensing milk and milk alternatives from an external container via the conventional beverage outlet into the coffee cup. Milk can now also be drawn directly from the integrated refrigerator of the fully automatic machine and be dispensed into a pitcher via the wand — with top-quality milk foam perfectly suited for pouring into the cup with Latte Art.

The Black&White4 CTMplus delivers the full range of taste and coffee artistry — switching between peak performance and barista craft has never been easier.

The fully automatic coffee machine not only enables the processing of different milk alternatives entirely in the sense of sustainability, but also offers a whole range of other advantages:

  • Unlimited number of milk types
  • Milk foam in separate pitcher for Latte Art
  • The perfect coffee for every customer
  • Hot and cold milk and milk foam products
  • Perfection at the touch of a button
  • Drawn directly from the original packaging
  • Easy to use even for untrained staff
  • Minimal food waste

Pitcher Foam enables barista-level processing of milk alternatives

With Pitcher Foam, the Black&White4 CTMplus combines maximum daily output and barista craftsmanship in one fully automatic coffee machine, turning it into a gastronomy all-rounder that combines three unique benefits:

  1. Preparing coffee and milk beverages through the conventional machine outlet
  2. Drawing in milk and milk alternatives directly from the original packaging, processing in the Thermoplan milk system and dispensing through the beverage outlet
  3. Frothing of milk and milk alternatives from the integrated refrigerator through the milk wand into a pitcher, such as for creating Latte Art
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