Thermoplan management & history

The history of Thermoplan

Around 50 years successful on the market

Founded in 1974 by Esther and Domenic Steiner, Thermoplan AG initially produced whipped cream machines and milk foamers.

In 1995, the Weggis company entered the coffee machine business. From then on, the development and production of fully automatic coffee machines became the core business of our company. To this day, we are successful on the global market with our innovative machines, which combine simple operation and the highest product quality, and are proud to be among the world market leaders in our industry. 

Thermoplan impressed in 1999 as a newcomer to the industry and has ever since been the exclusive supplier of fully automatic coffee machines for a globally active American coffee house chain – the breakthrough in the international market.

2007: As an innovative world premiere, Thermoplan presented the first fully automatic coffee machine that can prepare cold milk foam at the touch of a button.

In 2009, Domenic Steiner handed over the management of the company to Adrian Steiner and withdrew from the operational business in 2010. Adrian Steiner joined the board of directors as a co-shareholder and has since been managing the fortunes of Thermoplan AG as CEO with management responsibility for almost 500 employees. The majority of the company is still family-owned.

Also in 2009, the first fully automatic coffee machine of the new generation was launched. Thermoplan thus serves a segment with a medium to high daily demand of 150 to 500 cups per day.

In 2011, Thermoplan acquired another major customer. The Swiss-based company relies on Thermoplan's know-how and operates in the B2B market with its fully automatic coffee machines.

Since 2013, premium vending coffee machines have additionally been manufactured in Weggis for a British coffee house chain. This machine enables customers to enjoy first-class coffee at countless locations outside the coffee house.

In the year 2016, the slimmest fully automatic coffee machine in the history of Thermoplan was launched. It addresses a segment with a medium daily demand. At just 22.8 cm, 50 to 150 cups of coffee can be dispensed per day.

In 2017, the ThermoplanConnect telemetry system was developed and gradually expanded into a comprehensive digital platform. ThermoplanConnect allows customers to monitor and analyse their coffee business while remotely transferring recipes, software updates and customised user interfaces to individual machines or an entire fleet.

Since 2021, customers with a low daily requirement of 20 to 100 cups can also benefit from a fully automatic professional coffee machine. With this development, Thermoplan is opening up another segment.

In 2022, Domenic Steiner handed over the chairmanship of the board of directors to long-time board member Andri Pol. Domenic Steiner will remain with Thermoplan AG as a valuable member of the board of directors.

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