Thermoplan management & history

The history of Thermoplan

Over 40 years successful on the market

Thermoplan AG founded in 1974 by Esther and Domenic Steiner got into the coffee machine business in 1995. From there the development and production of fully automatic coffee machines became the core business of our company. Up to today we are globally successful on the market with our innovative machines and belong with pride to the global market leaders of our sector.

1994: Thermoplan develops a modular constructed fully automatic coffee machine which combines service friendliness with simple operation and premium product quality. An innovative foundation was herewith laid for the long-term success of Thermoplan.

1999: Thermoplan impresses as a newcomer in the sector and is awarded by a globally active coffeehouse chain an exclusive supplier contract for fully automatic coffee machines - the breakthrough in the international market.

2007: Thermoplan presents as an innovative world premiere the first fully automatic coffee machines which can prepare cold milk foam at the touch of a button.

2009: Domenic Steiner hands over management to Adrian Steiner and withdraws in 2010 from the operative business. Adrian Steiner is accepted into the Board of Directors as shareholder and as CEO since steers the affairs of Thermoplan AG with managerial responsibility for more than 400 employees. The majority of the company continues to be family owned till this day.

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