The premier fully automatic coffee machine with the latest technology for peak performance

Black&White4 compact

Our next generation, fully automatic coffee machine takes up little space and has an attractive design


Technically innovative, high performing, versatile fully automatic coffee machine

  • Select your beverage menu

  • Black&White4 compactCTM

  • Black&White4 compactCTM PF / CTM PF RS

  • Black&White4 compactCTM F / CTM F RS

  • Black&White4 compactCTM P / CTM P RS

  • Black&White4 compactCTM RS

  • Black&White4CTM

  • Black&White4CTM F / CTM F RL

  • Black&White4CTM P / CTM P RL

  • Black&White4CTM PF / CTM PF RL

  • Black&White4CTM RL

  • Select your beverage menu



Cleverly connected

Our new telemetry system keeps you informed at all times about the performance of our Thermoplan fully automatic coffee machine. With ThermoplanConnect your machine communicates with you and vice versa.

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